Accumulator Mode is Here!


MicroTim is now configurable as a Vertical Accumulator to display total altitude climbed, total altitude descended, and the sum of these quantities (i.e. total vertical feet).


Zeroed at any time, accumulator mode displays:


1. Total altitude ASCENDED ( a + sign followed by the total distance climbed since last reset).

2. Total altitude DESCENDED ( a - sign followed by the total distance descended since last reset).

3. Total vertical feet (or meters) ( no sign, sum of 1 and 2 above).



Accumulator mode displays in units of tens of feet, and logs up to 199,990 vertical feet.


Please note:


All 4 of the available modes (altimeter, barometer, vsi, and accumulator) are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. For example, when configured as a ACCUMULATOR, MicroTim acts ONLY as an ACCUMULATOR until put into another mode.