VSI Mode is here!


MicroTim can be configured VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator):


¨ This mode displays the AVERAGE climb/sink rate to a resolution of 10 feet per minute.


¨ The displayed climb rate updates every 5 seconds.


¨ Digital filtering smoothes the average climb/sink rate, and the filter is flushed on direction change ( i.e. a direction change is registered within one display cycle, 5 seconds).


¨ The climb rate is displayed as  ±xxxx, the sign indicating the direction. For example,  +0060 indicates an average CLIMB of 60 units (feet or meters) per minute, while –1200 indicates an average  SINK rate of 1200 units per minute.




Please note:


All 4 of the available modes (altimeter, barometer, vsi, and accumulator) are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. For example, when configured as a VSI, MicroTim acts ONLY as a VSI until put into another mode.







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