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Why use a MicroTim Precision Digital Barometric Altimeter / Barometer / VSI?


MicroTim is FASTER and MORE ACCURATE than any typical GPS unit or wristwatch altimeter.


· Lightweight and portable. Easily moves from truck to backpack to recreational vehicle. Dimensions 3”x1.5”x3/4”. Weighs less than 2 oz.

· Large Display (3/8” tall numbers).

· Moisture and shock resistant. Resin-filled to resist vibration, shock and moisture.

· Resolution of 1 foot. Registers altitude changes of 2  feet or less.

· Factory calibrated from –2000 feet (BELOW sealevel) to +20000 feet (ABOVE sealevel).

· Responsive. Fast update rate. This digital altimeter will keep up with an analog altimeter. Neither GPS nor wristwatch altimeters will do this.

· MSL (mean sea level)  and AGL (relative) altitudes or can be set to show both, alternately every 2 seconds.

· Barometric pressure adjustable.

· Can be configured to act as a high-precision BAROMETER (0.01 inHg resolution).

· Can be configured as a VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator) with 10 ft/minute resolution.

· Can be configured as a Vertical Accumulator (total vertical feet).

· Selectable feet/inHg or meters/kPa or feet/mbar(hPa) units.

· Low power. Single high quality ‘AAA’ battery lasts for several MONTHS (and the MicroTim XB series lasts for YEARS).

· Battery monitoring—low battery warning gives several days of notice so you will not get caught on a trip with a dead battery.

· Software upgradeable. Can be reprogrammed to suit your custom requirements. Contact us for details.

· Every MicroTim altimeter is temperature stress tested from –20C to +85C

· Economical and reliable solution for accurate altitude indication.

· 1 Year replacement warranty


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      MicroTim XB

NEW!  Ultra-Low Power MicroTim-XB released. Battery lasts for YEARS!

Battery lasts for YEARS ! See details here.